What is the church? When thinking of the church, many images come to mind: a white chapel on a hill; a trendy house church in an urban area; a Catholic cathedral with ornate tapestries; and many others. These are not bad images of churches, but they are far from complete. The Greek word for assembly in the New Testament ekklesia is used to define the church throughout the ages. Although the word assembly doesn’t necessarily mean church, it still communicates an important aspect of the body of believers.

The church is a community of redeemed believers in Christ who gather regularly to hear God’s word, worship in song and in giving, and take in the Lord’s Supper, who then scatter into the community to share the gospel and make disciples, while blessing the city for the glory of God. Church is way more than a Sunday morning exercise; it’s who we are as Christians. 

Doctrine of the the Spirit: August 1, 2014

Doctrine of Christ: April 17. 2014 

Doctrine of God: February 1, 2013


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